Maria Zacharia


About Me:

Hi, My name is Maria and I am a level 4 student studying therapeutic counselling.
I am a member of the BACP, which means that I adhere to an ethical framework.
I have worked in the care and education sector for a number of years and the greatest satisfaction that I get from my work is working with people and having the privilege to work alongside them in their journey.

What to Expect:

Coming to therapy can be difficult and you may not know why you would like the support. 
I use the person-centred approach, which means that we work in the here and now.  Supporting you to grow to the best version of you.
I want to create a space that is warm which makes you feel comfortable to be able to open up in an environment that feels safe to do so.

My Approach:

You are the expert in yourself and knows what is right for you.
I will work alongside you so that you feel empathy, not judged so that you are able to share the things that lay heavy on you.
Most importantly I want you to feel heard and held.

Area of Focus:

I believe that my  life experiences in my work  and personal life have enabled me the gift of learning a lot from the people that I have supported or been supported by.
The areas that I have worked with are depression, relationship breakdowns, bereavement and  the challenges of parenting.

Lets Connect:

The most important part of this process is that you connect with your therapist and I hope that I am able to provide that.
My availability is evenings and Saturdays.
I look forward to hearing from you.