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About Us

We are Mark Archer and Ros Stone, two senior accredited psychotherapists with our own practices, and between us we have a combined experience of more than 45 years working in mental health.

We know that finding a therapist can be a hit and miss process. We are trying to minimise the ‘misses’ by helping you find a therapist you will feel really comfortable to talk to.  We do this either by introducing you to one of our carefully selected therapists or inviting you choose from their online biographies.

Therapy can be expensive for many, and with the move to more people choosing to have therapy online we recognise we are able to use our skills and experience to carefully select therapists who could join our team and offer therapy in a more cost effective way.  With our fully online counselling and psychotherapy service we are able to offer therapy to those who are unable to afford the typically high rates of private psychotherapy.

All initial assessments are conducted by qualified therapists and all counselling sessions are provided by student counsellors who are supported and supervised by a qualified therapist.



At Inside Talk we endeavour to provide the kindness, understanding and engagement you need so that you can feel more centred, happier and healthier at affordable prices


We are committed to providing the best therapeutic experiences whilst keeping fees low.

Don’t think that if you’re paying less than the normal rate for private therapy you’ll be getting an inferior experience. All of our therapists are required to put their clients first and to comply with ethical guidelines.