Andrew Forbes


About Me:

I am a Counselling Psychology doctorate student and also work as a commercial pilot with a major UK airline. Having spent most of my career as a pilot, I am transitioning to a new career in Psychology to help make the world a less challenging place. Working as a Person-Centred Counsellor with Inside Talk, I help people make sense of their own lives in a caring, compassionate and non-judgemental environment. Empathic listening assists people to find solutions to the problems that life sometimes brings. I was born and raised in Ireland and then moved to the US for fourteen years. Since 2012, I have lived in Hampshire with my wife and daughter.

What to Expect:

Six years ago, I helped establish the UK’s first confidential peer support service for pilots. Since then, we have supported hundreds of pilots with mental health issues including stress, relationship problems, depression, alcoholism, anxiety, career setbacks and even fear of flying. During this time I have trained other Pilot-Peers in the counselling skills necessary for this challenging work. I have spoken extensively on this subject at Continuing Professional Development conferences for psychologists, medical doctors and counsellors and have contributed several magazine articles on mental health.

My Approach:

During counselling, my aim is to see the world as as you see it, while together we explore options and solutions. If you are experiencing an issue that causes you concern, no matter how big or small, please consider counselling as a pathway towards resolution

Area of Focus:

My experience helping pilots deal with mental health issues inspired me to help people from all walks of life. With a First Class undergraduate degree in Psychology and completion of a Level Two Counselling Course, I am now progressing towards a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology while continuing to fly commercially. Due to my flying schedule, I may be available during the day, evenings or weekends and am happy to schedule sessions up to two months in advance, at times that suit us both.