Claudia Adamson


About Me:

Hi, I’m Claudia, a trainee therapist offering low-cost therapy and counselling at Inside Talk.

I’m currently pursuing a Diploma in Integrative Counselling at The Minster Centre in London. As a student member of the BACP, I adhere to their ethical framework.

What to Expect:

You might know why you want to come to therapy, or you may just have a vague sense of feeling anxious, low, confused and like life doesn’t hold much meaning anymore. You may also be seeking personal growth and need a safe to explore.

Therapy is mostly about understanding, change and empathy. Having someone to talk to about what is distressing or concerning you can open up possibilities for change.

With deeper understanding comes fresh perspectives, ultimately allowing for more control and confidence to create the life you want to live.

I believe that you are the expert of your life. In working together collaboratively, you can better understand yourself, your triggers and processes and feel more resilient and better prepared for dealing with hardships.

I offer an empathic space where we can explore whatever needs to be spoken that week, at a pace that is comfortable for you.

My Approach:

I am training integratively which allows me to work across different therapeutic modalities. These include person centred, psychodynamic, body-focused, gestalt and existential approaches. In our sessions, we will look at the here and now, but also, when appropriate, reflect on how your past may have affected you and shaped the way you see things.

My priority is creating a safe and supportive space where you feel heard, and you can bring yourself entirely without fear of judgement.

Area of Focus:

I work with clients who are experiencing a range of issues surrounding:

Low self-esteem
Sexuality, Gender, and Relationship Diversity


Lets Connect:

If you feel that I would be the right fit for you, please get in touch. I’m available to see clients for both short and long-term work in person in Queens Park, London.