Kasia Kulis


About Me:

Hello, my name is Kasia, and I am a trainee Counsellor working in Person-Centred therapy. I am also registered with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

What to Expect:

My ability to speak in Polish and English creates a comfortable environment for people who want to express their feelings and emotions in their mother tongue.  

My Approach:

I approach clients with an unconditional positive attitude, which means I accept everyone without judgment. It creates a safe and non-threatening environment. I show empathy by understanding the client’s perspective and feelings without imposing my opinions and solutions. I provide active listening and reflection, reflecting on the client’s expression to facilitate self-awareness. My person-centred approach is characterised by a deep respect for the client’s autonomy, a focus on self-discovery and self-acceptance, and a collaborative relationship built on trust and empathy.

Area of Focus:

The main areas of my interest are co-dependency, any endings, loss, grief and bereavement. I offer a compassionate environment to explore the complex emotions underlying loss. Acknowledging the inherent difficulty of facing grief, I understand the importance of accompanying through this journey. I am here to offer support, helping to navigate the sadness, process the grief, and discover strategies for learning to coexist with it no matter what kind of ending or loss it was.

Lets Connect:

Through my life experience, area of interest and ability to listen without judgment, I invite you to share your journey, leave your locked place and move forward.