Samantha Newport

Samantha Newport


About Me:

I am an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, BACP Member, with a BSc in Applied Psychology and EPQ in Personality Disorders. My background is across various areas of psychology, mental health, and wellbeing, where I’ve been involved in research, publications, and supporting counselling and non-counselling clients in a crisis and homelessness setting.

What to Expect:

Therapy is about you—feeling secure, prioritised, and supported in becoming your truest, and most free self. I’ll work with you to discover what’s important, what hurts, and where you want to go.
In our first meeting, we’ll discuss the service and working safely together. Here, I’ll check-out what brought you to therapy and how I can support you. If you’d like to continue, we’ll do so, with periodic reviews to check-in on how you’re finding things and what else we could do/look at.

My Approach:

As a Person-Centred Counsellor, you lead your sessions and I facilitate; the focus being on your therapeutic goals (no matter how vague or that which you might feel fearful bringing) at a pace comfortable and safe for you. What you bring will be met with respect, patience, and kindness; allowing you the time to develop trust through an Ethical Framework.
The therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in facilitating lasting change; therefore, I meet you with no judgement, expectations or pressure. Come as you are.

Area of Focus:

Experienced in supporting counselling and non-counselling clients with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, abuse, personality disorders, exploitation, deprivation/neglect, attachment, grief, managing suicidal thoughts and self-harm, psychosis and homelessness.
Particular matters may benefit/require a referral/sign-posting on. Ensuring you access appropriate support is of my prime concern.
LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity friendly.

Lets Connect:

Therapy is one of the greatest gifts to ourselves; the purposeful act of self-care, attention, curiosity, and gentleness. You’re worth the investment. If you’d like to reach out and start this journey, I welcome you.